What are Vegepods?

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Vegepods are a self watering container growing system that can help you provide tasty, nutritious food for your family & friends right from your own balcony or backyard.

They’re available in 3 sizes with a shade covering with built in watering system being included with every model. Plastic Winter covers are also available for those that want to turn them into min greenhouses to prolong their growing seasons.

Galvanised and powder-coated steel  stands are also available for each of the 3 sizes making the beds easier to access for those with mobility issues. The stands raise the Vegepod so that the soil is 80cm off the ground (waist height).
You can also get wheels for the small & medium pods so they can be moved into the best position possible for the plants you’re growing at the time.
Under each of the growing cell that make up the different sized Vegepods there is a 16L water reservoir that collects water so it can be available to the roots of your plants at all times. After growing with DIY self watering wicking beds for many years I can see the value in having an on hand water source for the plants during our hot Aussie summers.

Assembly is a breeze as easy to understand instructions & the tools needed are supplied with the Vegepods.
I’ve had a number of folks that viewed our DIY wicking bed clips on YouTube ask if there was a commercial version available for sale. Many of these folks have no tools or the ability to build their own but really want to be responsible for their own food production. Ease of assembly & quality of the materials used is what attracted me to the Vegepods & I definitely think that they will be able to help these folks to grow some of their own tasty food for themselves, family & friends.

The small Vegepod takes 125L of soil blend & holds 16L of water in the reservoir.
The medium Vegepod takes 225L of soil blend & holds 32L of water in the reservoir.
The large Vegepod takes 450L of soil blend & holds 64L of water in the reservoir.


I’ve been lucky enough to have Vegepod Australia team up with myself to offer a 10% discount* on Vegepod products to folks in Australia.
All you need to do is shop on the vegepod.com.au website then enter the discount code “BITSOUTTHEBACK” at checkout to receive the discount (freight not included).

This is for Aussies only at the moment but I may be able to offer it to others down the road if all goes well.
Just to let you know I do receive a bit of commission when our code is used but as you get to save a few bob it’s a bit of a win for all.
Cheers all & Happy Growing 🌱🍅

*Offer valid until further notice!

Vegepods In the USA

Folks in the USA can purchase Vegepods & other bits of helpful gear I use here from our Amazon influencer page.

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