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I regularly get asked about handy bits of gear I use after folks see them on our YouTube videos and other social media.
To help Aussies source some of this gear at a reasonable price and I’ve become a retailer of Root Pouches, Uniseals and venturis.
Click on the pictures below to get a brief description of the goods, prices and ordering details.

All orders can be placed via email directly to me at rb@bitsouttheback.net

Affiliate Links

I get asked a lot by folks wanting to help us out if we ship the products we sell overseas and if any of the gear used in the videos posted to our YouTube channel will be added to the catalogue of goods we do stock in the future.
Due to time and space restraints, it is not feasible for me to hold and sell an extensive catalogue of goods from our small house.
I have recently become an affiliate of a few online retailers that offer some of the products I use. If you would like to have a crack at using some of this gear or kits you can do so while supporting us at the same time.
Below you’ll find two fantastic Aussie businesses & one major international that I am now an affiliate of.
Please note that I will be earning a small commission on all purchases made via the links offered below.

Aqua Gardening is an aquaponics, hydroponics and pond supplies retailer based in Brisbane Australia. They have one of the best online catalogues of goods available for the backyard aquaponicist that I’ve seen here in Australia and also offer very flexible payment options.
You can check out some of their goods that I use & recommend here.

For USA and Overseas Followers

Folks in the USA can also pick up some of this gear, like Vegepods, Root Pouches, Uniseals and some testing equipment, through our Amazon Influencer page ► https://www.amazon.com/shop/bnbob01
Rob (That’s me 😉) is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Influencer/Associates Program, an influencer/affiliate advertising program designed to provide means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to  https://www.amazon.com/shop/bnbob01

Vegepod + Discount Offer for Aussies

Vegepods are a self watering container growing system that can help you provide tasty, nutritious food for your family & friends right from your own balcony or backyard.
They’re available in 3 sizes with a shade covering with built-in watering system included….

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