Welcome to our Bits Out the Back Store

In this small store we stock a few handy items that folks asked about after seeing them on our helpful YouTube videos or blogs.
As some of these goods can be expensive to import as on off’s I thought I’d try to make it easier & cheaper for the Aussie Backyard Farmer to source some useful items at a reasonable price.

Plans are also afoot to become an affiliate with some well known Aussie aquaponic & gardening suppliers to allow me to provide a wider selections of goods for the backyard farmer at reasonable prices.

Below you’ll find a brief description of the goods available through this site now, links to their specifications & ordering details.
A new Ecommerce store will be opened soon but for now all orders can be placed via email directly to me at rb@bitsouttheback.net

Root Pouches

Root Pouch has created a range of sustainable gardening products made from a mix of recycled water bottles and natural fibres. Not one drop of new oil, petroleum or fossil fuel is used in their creation.

Growing your favourite plants in fabric Root Pouches is not only a great way to nurture their roots but is also a fantastic way to help keep plastic bottles out of landfill. Root Pouches are also great for use in Aquaponics and Hydroponics.


Uniseals are a rubber seal used to run pipe through the walls of tanks, filters & grow beds in aquaponic and hydroponic systems.

Uniseals are more adaptable than the traditionally used threaded bulkhead/tank fittings used by many aquaponicist as they can be fitted to walls of uneven thickness, curved surfaces and even pipes.


Venturis are an efficient way to deliver air to your fish tank. They also do a great job of delivering O2 to and agitating the bio media in moving bed bio-filters.
These venturis are designed to run with a flow rates above 5000lph/1320gph but they will also run at lower flow rates down to 1000lph/264gph.


I’ve been lucky enough to have Vegepod Australia team up with myself to offer a 10% discount* on Vegepod products to folks in Australia.

Check out this link for more information on how you can receive a 10% discount on your order from Vegepod Australia.

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