So, How Can You Build Your Own System?

Building your first aquaponic system can appear to be a bit of a daunting process to some as I know all too well myself. It took almost two years of gathering advice from forums and websites before I had a crack our first system. What we ended up with was a system with hoses running everywhere that looked more like a Kraken than an efficient growing system I had been dreaming of.
Luckyily for you all, I’ve learned a lot more about aquaponics and building basic backyard systems over the past 8 or so years and am only too happy to share this information with those that would like to grow some fish powered veggies in their own backyard farm. 😉

Below you’ll find a couple of videos that run through how to build two small DIY systems using recycled materials and commonly available plumbing supplies you can find in most local hardware stores.

Barrelponic System | Chop & Flip Style


The first build is a small 100L/22gal drum based system that would be suitable for a deck, patio or a veranda in a flat.
The cost for this barrel build was around the AUD $145.00 mark  buying all that was needed from local retail stores.
With this build I’d recommend using the lighter clay or scoria (volcanic rock) media as rock may prove to be too heavy for the plastic drum base.

Chop & Flip IBC System


This 600L/160gal IBC tote system that would look great on a sunny deck or would fit comfortably in a small courtyard of a townhouse.
The cost for this build was just under AUD $240 for the tank, pump and all the required plumbing which was bought from retail stores.  The clay cost an extra AUD $150 but rock & other media would be a lot cheaper.
One reason I really like these chop & flip systems is that they can easily be used as a sump tank & grow bed of a much larger system if you feel like expanding.
More on that in a later post……. 😉

Other DIY Aquaponic Clips

Over on YouTube I’ve set up a playlist that contains the above aquaponic system builds as well as another by the fantastic folks at Backyard Aquaponics.  You will also find some DIY videos on making bell siphons, assembling grow beds and other useful aquaponic componants.
Hope these clips help to answer a few questions for the DIY beginners out there.

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